"I have worked with Harry LaRosiliere for many years, both in Plano City Council and on other community projects. I know and respect him as an outstanding individual, and one who is talented at working with our citizens. Harry has a rare ability to dissect complex problems, break them down to understandable dimensions, then to help people work collaboratively on finding solutions where everyone is a winner. He is a person who can be relied on to keep the focus on what is best for Plano, and to stand by his word. His intelligence, openness, honesty, and passion for Plano will make him an outstanding mayor."

-- Honorable Pat Evans, 3-term Mayor of Plano

"Harry has demonstrated his dedication to the citizens of Plano by his many years of community service. His invaluable experience as a city council member has prepared him to do an outstanding job as Mayor of the City of Plano."

-- Phil Dyer, Current Mayor of Plano

"The vision Harry has for the future of Plano is one I believe he can and will deliver. He has the enthusiasm, the knowledge and the commitment that our citizens desire and deserve. Plano will continue to be a wonderful place to live, work and play under Harry's leadership."

-- Honorable Florence Shapiro,
Former State Senator, Mayor of Plano

"Texas' ninth largest city requires a mayor who is at ease in convincing a large corporate CEO to re-locate his business as he is in congratulating a fireman on a job well done. Harry is the right person at the right time to lead this dynamic city."

-- Brian McCall, Former State Representative (R-Plano)

"I am proud to support my friend Harry LaRosiliere for Plano mayor. While serving on Plano City Council together, I appreciated his commitment to business growth, his high integrity, creativity, clear-headed thinking and passion for Plano. Harry will serve as a dedicated advocate for Plano as our city continues to grow, and will have a positive impact on the North Texas region as well.”

-- Honorable Mabrie Jackson, CEO/President, North Texas Commission, Former City Councilmember

“On his time on Plano City Council, I’ve seen Harry focus on improving the quality of life for our citizens while developing business and employment opportunities. Those are the qualities we need from our elected officials and that is why I am supporting him to be the next mayor of Plano”

-- Alan Johnson, Retired Air Force Officer,
26 year Plano resident

Harry LaRosiliere is a dedicated volunteer and a committed advocate for our city. His community involvement and strong leadership qualities make him not only an outstanding citizen,
but also an excellent Mayoral candidate. A true visionary,
Harry will work to ensure Plano remains a premier city to live, work and play!

-- Mary Jo Dean, Director of community relations for
Texas Health Plano, Citizen of the Year 2006

"It is with pleasure and enthusiasm that I endorse Harry LaRosiliere for the next mayor of the city of Plano. I urge all to support and vote for his election and believe Harry will serve
the city well."

-- David McCall III

“Harry has been a dedicated public servant who has contributed to the fabric and quality of life in Plano for many years. His extensive and broad experiences in Plano have provided him with the background to determine the most pressing issues challenging Plano and the area and to develop well thought out solutions. He is a person who can then get things done. He also has the personality and existing relationships to work well with people and groups to develop and implement acceptable solutions.“

-- Robbie Robinson, Plano Citizen of the
Year 2000, Retired EDS executive

"We are happy and proud to endorse Harry and admire him greatly for all he has done for Plano to date, and know he will be a wonderful mayor in the tradition of service and sucess established by the great previous mayors who have endorsed him."

-- Colin Chopin

"Harry served on the Board of Directors of CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) of Collin County for several years. He was one of the strongest advocates for the abused children of Collin County...enthusiastic and positive in every endeavor. Harry made a difference for our children. With his passion, he will make a difference for the city of Plano!"

-- Becky Neeley, Retired Executive Director
of CASA of Collin County

"We have known Harry eversince we moved into Plano in 1997. He is a fellow Rotarian, we served on the Community Relations board together, and most of all He became our friend because of his compassionate and caring nature. He will be a great mayor for Plano."

-- Shaheen and Moeen Salam

“I have known Harry for a number of years and have always admired his upbeat personality, and positive spirit. Harry approaches everything with a “can-do” attitude, and is willing to tackle big issues. He is passionate about Plano and will be a great mayor when elected. I hope you will join me in support of Harry LaRosiliere for mayor of Plano.”

-- Jamie Schell, Business Owner, Citizen of the Year, 2012

"Harry is truly a servant-leader in the best sense of the words. He is well suited to maintaining Plano's professional image. I can't think of a more articulate person to promote Plano in the community, in business or in governmental settings."

-- Stephen E. Vitasek, President of Preston Villages HOA, Former President of the Plano Police Association

“Harry is a natural leader with a strong commitment to community service and involvement. I think he will make a great mayor and look forward to working with him in the future.”

-- Judy Drotman, Citizen of the Year 2010, Past PISD Board
Trustee Leadership Plano and Texas Leadership Graduate

“Harry LaRosiliere is a true community servant, with a keen understanding of the balance required to run Plano like a business while delivering first-rate services to the citizens. His transparent, open style makes Harry highly accessible to his constituents and he has a clear vision of those things required to maintain the excellence for which Plano is celebrated.”

-- John Longstreet, 2-term Mayor of Plano

”I served on the Plano Chamber of Commerce Board with
Harry, I have always appreciated his enthusiasm and energy
for community service. He has impacted Plano in a variety of ways, particularly his support for economic development that
has helped attract businesses to Plano. I think he will make an outstanding mayor.

-- Steve Matthews, Past Chairman
Plano Chamber of Commerce, 2007

“I served with Harry on Plano city council for 6 years, he demonstrated his leadership skills by problem solving issues to make Plano a vibrant place to work and live. He is a committed family and for almost 20 years he and his family has served Plano. I whole heartily support him as the next mayor of Plano.”

-- Honorable Jean Callison, 3 term Plano City Council
member, Past President Junior League

“Harry is uniquely qualified to serve as Plano’s mayor given his deep understanding of business issues as well as his passion for servant leadership. I look forward to supporting him as the mayor of our city.”

--Glenn Callison, CEO, Munsch Hardt Law Firm,
Board Chair, Baylor Regional Medical Center at Plano

"I was always told by my daddy "never vote for the party, vote for the man and what HE stands for". I support Harry LaRosiliere because I believe he stands for ALL of Plano and loves the city as I and my Family do."

-- Dollie Thomas, Distinguished Leadership
Award Receipient

"I’ve never met a more impressive advocate of fiscal responsibility and social consciousness wrapped into one person in the greater Dallas area...this is Plano's opportunity to step up and recognize top tier leadership!"

-- Jeff Moster